• Nine Standard Inputs: Eight SDI and One DVI
  • Six Standard Outputs: Five SDI and One DVI
  • Optional: Additional Four inputs/Four outputs maximum
  • Built-in 178 mm ( 7 inches) multi-mode color LCD monitor displays versatile menus, image monitor, waveform/vectorscope, etc.
  • Featuring High-quality Primatte® chroma keying and Versatile transitions, including DVE functions
  • Enhanced MultiViewer Display with up to 16 splits enables nine screen variations, clock, level meter and 4:3 marker display.
  • Video Memory function allows playback of two channels of still or moving images.
  • Memory Preview function provides previews of shot memory and event memory image effects.
  • Supports Plug-in API function for external control, external camera control, output of status data, etc.
  • Control panel with additional direct button control, numeric keypad, etc achieves enhanced ease of operation.

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